About Scentsatya

Hi.. Welcome to my blog. In this blog, will talk about anything related to beauty, from haircare to makeup, from lipstick to dry shampoo.

I write this blog because I have a strong interest on makeup, skincare, and haircare. Everytime I see an amazing formula, a great shade, or a cute packaging, I can’t hold back myself from buying it. And I think it is such a waste if I don’t share the goodness or the bad to anyone. And also, I won’t feel that guilty of buying so much products.

In this blog, you will find in-depth reviews about beauty products, suggestion on good or bad products, tutorial, or even tips. However, take my article as a grain of salt. It is okay if you already love the product that I hate. After all, it is just a makeup. Just have fun with it.

Now talking about me, my name is Satya Festiani. You can call me Tya. I am a 30 years old woman who still feels like in her 20.  I get excited easily about new things. Beautyafest, as you may have guessed, came from beauty and my name. I know it is a tacky name, but it is the first thing that appeared in my head.

About my skin, well I have a normal skin, sometimes a bit dry around nose and undereye area. I have seasonal acnes during my period. I also have acne prone skin. Some products may cause acnes on my face. As for my skin tone, I have fair skin with cool undertone. My skin is also get burned easily, so sunscreen is my best friend.

OK enough about me.. Let’s just go to the mall and buy some makeup.. Enjoy my review and don’t forget to leave some comments.. Ciaoo..

Satya Festiani