November Makeup Haul

November Haul

This month’s haul is about discovering Indonesian brand. I tried to incorporate Indonesian brands to my makeup arsenal because I found that some Indonesian products are as good as US or Korean brands. Moreover, most Indonesian makeup products are much more cheaper than any makeup that we found in Sephora.
I searched up and down mall and online store to find Indonesian products. I found some Indonesia products that caught my eyes. However, along the way, as you can see from my haul, I still cannot resist from buying US
and Korean brands. Read along if you are interested in what I will try this month and review in the near future:

  1. Viva Cosmetics Compact Powder Bright Beauty SPF 15 Beige
Viva Cosmetics Compact Powder Bright Beauty SPF 15 Beige

To be honest with you, I haven’t found any powder that does not get cakey on my face and does not make my face look older. I want to find a good powder that can set my concealer and my foundation. I can get away without setting my foundation. However, my concealer is always creasing. I have tried several powders from Korean to US brands, but each of them emphasizes lines underneath my eyes.
By the way, I purchased this Viva Cosmetics Compact Powder Bright Beauty SPF 15 Beige from for only 16,5K IDR for 15 gr. The original price is 18K IDR. Can you believe it is that cheap? Even though it is cheap, the packaging is not that bad. The pink packaging is made from plastic. Inside, it has a nice mirror, a puff (which I might not use), and the powder itself. The powder has an old makeup smell, typical to any Viva Cosmetics makeup if you have already tried one. Actually, I don’t really like that smell because it will linger in my face until I wash it.
This powder is not just makeup, in the packaging, it says that it contains Squalane to moisturize and SPF 15 to protect against bad effect of UV rays. Viva Cosmetics also has halal certificate from MUI. Upon first swatch, the powder is smooth. It does not say that it is best for oily skin, but I found that it is a bit drying. I have to play with it a little bit more to find out the quality. So, stay tune for the in-depth review.

  1. Viva Cosmetics Blush On Duo Shade 1
Viva Cosmetics Blush On Duo Shade 1

It is another Viva Cosmetics that I purchased from during the sale. I purchased this for 18K IDR after discount, while the real price is 22,5K IDR. The packaging is actually as cheap as its price. It is made from a plastic with see-through lid. It does not have a mirror, but it has a brush that is too small for a blush brush.
The blush itself has two colors. The left one is more like peachy color, while the right one is tera cotta. You can also mix them together to get a more corally color. Upon first swatch, the color payoff is a bit disappointing. The peachy color does not show up that much. Both of them also has glitter specks which I don’t really like in a blush. What I like about it is that it does not have that typical Viva Cosmetics smell.

  1. Viva Queen Eye Shadow Shade D
Viva Queen Eye Shadow Shade D

Yet another Viva product. I am sorry that they are three Viva products in this article. But, they are so cheap that I could not resist to buy them. This one for example is only 24K IDR. Even when it is not discounted, the price is 30K IDR. The packaging is similar to the blush on. It is made from plastic, but the difference is that it has a very small mirror in the lid. On the bright side, you can see both of your eyes in this mirror. After all, the product is an eye shadow which is meant to put in your eyelid right? The packaging seems sturdy enough to bring for traveling.
Apart from the mirror, it has a typical sponge applicator. Everyone seems to hate the sponge applicator in an eye shadow palette, but I found that sponge applicator is good for applying eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, blend it with a nice fluffy brush. As for the colors, it has three colors. I purchased this because of the color selection. It seems nice for everyday use during traveling. From the left, it is pinkish white color with satin finish that can be used for brow  bone highlight and inner corner. In the middle, it is peachy color with matte finish but white glitter specks. It is nice to use all over the lid.  The last one is purplish brown color with semi satin finish that is nice for outer corner. The color payoff is not that intense, but I think that is why it is good for everyday makeup. I think it will also good for Korean inspired makeup.

  1. Emina Double Agent Eyebrow Liner Shade Black
Emina Double Agent Eyebrow Liner Shade Black

I have been wanting to find a good automatic eyebrow pencil from Indonesian products. My holy grail eyebrow pencil is Precisely, My Brow from Benefit. For an eyebrow pencil, Benefit one is very very pricey. Plus, I use eyebrow pencil everyday. If I could find one that is cheaper and as good, I won’t have to pay such a hefty price.
This Emina Double Agent Eyebrow Liner in the shade black seems nice. It is automatic. It has spoolie, which I think is too big. And, the color, even though it is called black, it is actually grey. It looks more natural on my brow. However, the pencil itself is not skinny. It is triangle. I hope applying it is as easy as using skinny pencil. As for the price, it is not bad. Not bad at all actually. For 0.3 gr, the price is 84K IDR. Of course it is way cheaper than Benefit which costs almost 400K IDR for only 0.08 gr product. You can purchase Emina products from any Guardian store in Indonesia.

  1. Wardah EyeXpert Matic Brow Pencil Shade Deep Grey
Wardah EyeXpert Matic Brow Pencil Shade Deep Grey

This product could potentially be my next favorite eyebrow pencil. It is automatic pencil and skinny, but not as skinny as Benefit. And, most of all, it is very cheap. It costs only 35 K IDR. I even only paid for 28K IDR because it was discounted in Guardian store. One thing that I regret from this product is that it does not have a spoolie. So I have to use another spoolie when I use this product.
The shade name is true to its color. It is deep grey color with cool undertone. You can also build the color to be more intense. Upon first swatch, the pencil is creamy and easy to apply. It is also does not smudged easily. And moreover, it is a halal product since it is from Wardah.

  1. Pixy Aqua Beauty Protecting Mist
Pixy Aqua Beauty Protecting Mist

How many times can you spot a finishing spray from Indonesian brands? Rarely. Yes, it is hard to find setting spray from Indonesian makeup brand. Before I saw this, I only knew one brand that produces setting spray. I guess it is LT Pro. I am really surprised to see that Pixy has come up with setting spray. Well, they called it beauty protecting mist, but in the packaging they say that it can be used to set your makeup.
More surprisingly, the price is very cheap. It costs me only 23K IDR for 60 ml. You can purchase them in supermarket. I bought it in Hypermart during household monthly shopping. Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. For me, it looks like a packaging of old hair spray. However, many setting spray that are much more expensive also come up with similar bottle. So it is not a big deal. But, I don’t really fond of the sprayer because it does not spray well. Sometimes it does not spray smoothly. The scent is very nice and refreshing though.

  1. Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream SPF 35
Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream Mild SPF 35

Now, let’s move on to Korean products. I bought this because I almost run out of my tried and true Innisfree Eco Safety Daily Sunblock. It is so sad that I cannot find my beloved sunblock in Innisfree Indonesia. However, this Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream is cheaper. It costs only 140K IDR for 50 ml. To be honest, I don’t really know what is the difference between the two because I have not opened the new one. The only visible difference is the color of the packaging. Eco Safety one has yellow color, while this one is white. I hope this is as good because my life is rely on a sunblock. LOL

  1. Colourpop No Filter Concealer Shade Medium
Colourpop No Filter Concealer Shade Medium

Everyone who loves makeup must be familiar with this infamous concealer. Isn’t that right? This Coloupop No Filter Concealer has taken over Youtube recently. Many makeup gurus are raving about how good it is. And I, as a makeup enthusiast, of course want to get my hands on them. That is why when my favorite online store, orderatmooi, sell it, I purchased them without thinking twice.
Sadly, i bought wrong shade. It is too dark for me. It is even way darker as I apply it on my skin because it oxidizes. Maybe I should get shade fair instead of medium. However, the texture is good. It is light but has a high coverage. I found that a bit goes a long way with this concealer. The price is also cheap. It is only 6 USD. Some online stores sell it for around 120k IDR.

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